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October 2012
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October 2012

When the polio hostel collected the Land Rover from Dar Es Salaam they were able to fill it with £2,000 of mobility aids and physiotherapy equipment that we were able to buy through the children’s hospital (CCBRT). Surgeons at the hospital have agreed to assess the children in groups of about 5 and perform corrective surgery, although they will reduce some of the costs it will still cost about £500 per child. The Trust has the funds for the first group of children and had hoped they would have been able to go to CCBRT after Easter. Unfortunately the hospital is in the process of being rebuilt and having its orthopaedic wards enlarged so they have not been able to carry out operations this year, however we are told they should be able to start operating again in October and they have promised that the hostel children will be seen as soon as the wards are fully re opened. When CCBRT did their initial assessment last year they felt that 30 of the children could benefit from going to the hospital for treatment or an operation.

The hostel was fortunate to be visited by Monica, an American physiotherapist; she was able to show James, Hussein and the other staff how to help the children’s mobility with stretching exercises to improve the movement of joints and strengthen their muscles. Monica’s partner Bryan built the children a swing, it is for fun and to help some of the children with balance.

The girl’s dining room and food store was the last of the major buildings that needed to be renovated. The roof was renewed and an extension added so the parallel bars that the children use when they start walking are now under cover allowing them to be used all year. The doors and windows in the dining room have been made bigger allowing in more light and the wheelchairs users to take their chairs in. We thank Polio Children for there help funding this work and for repairing and replacing the pathways around hostel.

With our help the hostel has been able to purchase a shamba (farm) it is about 11 hectares and is just outside the village about 2 kilometres from the hostel. The staff have agreed to help with the sowing and harvesting of the crops. They will also use the shamba to teach the older children farming as most of them come from rural areas where everyone grows some crops by either renting a strip of land or have space around their house that they can cultivate. This will happen once the children finish their secondary education and are ready to leave the hostel and return to their homes.

The hostel will hire the village tractor to plough and harrow the ground ready for sowing. Although the hostel has some tools they will need more if they are going to get a harvest that will cut their food bill. We cannot send spades, forks and the other tools they need but we can send the money to enable them to be bought locally.



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