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September 2011
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September 2011

After three years of drought this year the rains have returned and the local harvest has been good. Sylvester has been able to buy maize and beans from local farmers, prices have come down and he has been able to fill the store, he hopes he has sufficient to last until the end of the year.

Over the last few months the hostel has been increasing the number of chickens and eggs they have to use for the children and sell to the local villagers. Thank you to everyone who helped us raise the money needed enabling the poultry area to be divide into three sections, build new chicken houses to keep them safe at night and buy some new young chicks and feed.

Another way the hostel is raising funds is by selling stationery to the school children and local people and providing a letter writing service for the villagers. Grace is providing this service, she used to be one of the hostels children having completed secondary school a few years ago, she is able to write the letters in either Swahili or English this is important as some official documents have to be in English. She is using one of the computers and printers from the computer room that has been moved to the shop so she can do the typing and look after the stationery sales at the same time.

After lots of discussions over many months Polio Children (a larger charity in the UK and USA) have purchased a Land Rover for the polio hostel, it has been serviced, had under body protection and sand tyres fitted as well as a roof rack, ladder and spare wheel carrier to make it suitable for use in Africa. It is now on board a ship heading for Dar Es Salaam and should be there and cleared customs by the end of September in time for Lesley, Keith and two trustees from Polio Children to hand it over when they visit in October. Having a reliable vehicle is important to the hostel to take the children to visit their homes, attend hospital and to collect vital supplies from Tanga three hours' drive away.

On the 4th September the Rev. William Mndolwa will be consecrated as the 2nd Bishop of Tanga. Please remember Bishop Mndolwa as he takes charge and tackles the many challenges of the Tanga Diocese. Lesley and Keith hope to meet him during their visit.

On the 14th September the Community of the Sacred Passion celebrate the centenary of the founding of the community. The remaining Sisters, one in London and the others living in Shoreham will have a special service at St Mary’s Church, Shoreham, where the preacher will be Bishop John Ramadhani the retired bishop of Zanzibar. Among the other guests are three sisters from the Tanzanian community CMM that was started in 1946 took over the work of the CSP Sisters when they returned to England in the 1970’s. It was Sister Magdalena CSP who in the 1960’s saw the need to help children who had become disabled by polio and started the hostel to provide rehabilitation, education and training so when the children left they had a way to support themselves.

Sister Tabitha, who was at Kwa Mkono in 2005 when members of Christ Church first visited the hostel, has been chosen to come to the celebration, and will be visiting Lesley and Keith Wright for 10 days and will be at the quiz night to raise funds for the Kwa Mkono Disabled Children’s Trust at Christ Church on the 24th September before returning to Shoreham to spend a short time with the CSP Sisters prior to returning to Tanzania.

The 2012 calendar will be available at the end of October; this makes an ideal Christmas gift as well as showing the work being done by the hostel to help disabled children. The cost of the calendars will be £6.00 each.

The trust will also have a number of hand made and printed Christmas cards available on the table at the back of Christ Church. Handmade cards are £1.20 each and printed cards are 30p each or mixed pack of 10 for £2.50.

All the money from the sale of calendars and cards is used to support the work of the Kwa Mkono polio hostel. If you would like a calendar or cards please contact Lesley on 0208 386 7100 or email:

Remember when shopping on line go to the online retailer site through

Register Kwa Mkono Disabled Children’s Trust as your charity it’s free to use and we get a small donation every time you make a purchase.

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