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Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Newsletter November 2018
Lesley Wright
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Newsletter November 2018

The visit to Kwa Mkono again left mixed feelings. There were good and not so good things happening.
The children were all well and happy and there were also new children who appear to have fitted in well. A high number of the children are doing well at school. 

The 2 dormitories are finished and in use and the new laundry room is complete and will be cleaned up ready for use and the incinerator was just waiting for its metal door to be made. Finally the 7 new wheelchairs are now in use and we also managed to refurbish older wheelchairs for two smaller children who had been admitted to the Centre. These are all the projects which were planned for 2018 so we are all happy. 

Donations given to be taken to Tanzania were used as instructed, the children were given a gift of 2 swings and 2 vegetarian meals were enjoyed by children and staff plus beans and rice brought for the store.  The vegetables and fruit are growing well at the Centre and there are crops growing at the farm and the water bowser is working well for getting water from the borehole.

The Land Rover was still at the garage and the news was not good as it requires a new engine which is not available in Tanzania, it is English built, therefore very expensive.  At a meeting with the Archbishop of Tanzania it was agreed that the best way forward, because the Land Rover is 13 years old and the costs high, was to sell the Land Rover, start fund raising here and the Archbishop would try and get funds from his contacts. The vehicle made for the African market and therefore
ideal for the roads is a Toyota Land Cruiser.  We are trying to increase fund raising as a vehicle is required to fetch food from the nearest town, 2 hours, prosthetic checks in Tanga, 3 hours and more.

If you think you can help please see details of how you can donate by going to our website.

Calendars are now available. They are £8.00 each + £1.50 pp. Please contact us by email

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