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Tuesday, January 18, 2022


May 2018
Lesley Wright
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May 2018

It has been a busy time at the centre for the last 6 months. The building of the 2 new dormitory’s that were started when Lesley and I visited in October last year were finished in January, the beds and cupboards are now made and they are ready for the new children who started to arrive in March. Over the next few months the number of children resident at the centre will increase to 68 and with those at Hegongo school and teacher training college we will be 75 disabled young people. The girls laundry had to be demolished to make way for the new dormitory it was one of the original buildings and as it had not been updated it was in need of major repair and enlarging so when the rains have stopped later this month or early June a new laundry will be built.

In the valley the bore hole now has a lockable lid and is inside a small brick building with a concrete floor surrounding it to stop vandalism and allow the centre to access the water. A 2500 litre bowser petrol powered pump and hoses to fill the bowser so that it can be towed by the tractor has been purchased, so that the centre can collect water during the dry season.

The rains have been good this year so the centre should get a good harvest. At the shamba (farm) maize, peas and cassava has been planted. In the grounds round the centre vegetables are being grown and the with bore hole water available they will get 3 or 4 crops a year the centre is now growing all its needs for the children. Unfortunately, the heavy rain has caused some damage and we recently received an em ail saying that one of the cesspits had collapsed and the trust had to send emergency funds to to have it repaired.

Things for the children to do after school are important especially during the rainy season. In the hall a cupboard has, educational games to help the young children with letters, numbers, colours and jig-saws, board games and books for the older ones. Enock who was a child at the centre several years ago supervises the children helping them with school home work and teaching computing to those who can read basic English. Outside there is a play area were ball games con be plaid there is a swing, slide, see-saw and just in staled a round about which is proving very popular with the children.


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