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April 2017
Lesley Wright
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April 2017

The children and staff at the centre send everyone Easter Greetings, most of the children were able to go home to see their family during the holiday although some, mostly those in the top class at primary school and some at the secondary school, stayed at the centre as they have important end of year exams this year and the teachers provided revision classes. In January the centre welcomed 5 new children 2 will join the kindergarten at the centre and the other 3 will go to primary school. The children’s play equipment has been renewed, the swings and slide were replaced with metal ones in November and December and a see saw will be in place early in May.

A link with St. Augustine hospital in Muheza has been established and they are sending an orthorpaedic team to the centre to assess all the children regularly. They will advise on any physiotherapy required and teach the staff how to do it. The team will also arrange for operations to improve the mobility of the children any major operations will be carried out at St Augustine but minor ones can be done at St. Francis hospital next to the centre. Following a recent visit by the orthorpaedic team 10 children are to be seen by the consultant surgeon to see if an operation will help them the cost will be about £1,500 if all 10 children have operations.

In the dormitories each child now has a small amount of cupboard space to keep
their own things in. Some new beds have been made, others have been refurbished and all the beds have had new mattresses. In each dormitory one of the older children has been put in charge with responsibility to keep the place neat and tidy and clean.

The main yearly rains have started so the staff have been busy with the tractor at the shamba preparing the ground and planting crops of maize and beans. In the vegetable gardens round the centre’s buildings the children have helped by planting cabbages, onions, tomatoes and ochre, we hope the rains continue so they get a good harvest and have surplus food that they can sell to the local community. The new chicken house with its covered outside run has meant that the newly hatched chicks are surviving and growing to adult birds that can then either be sold or moved to the main pens to increase the egg production. 

The bore hole in the valley has been inspected and appears to be usable, the vertical pipe is still intact and is not blocked there is water in the pipe within 2 metres of the surface. Now we have to have the quality of the water checked to ensure it’s safe to drink and put a pump down to pump water out to make sure there is a constant supply, the concrete water tank may have cracked near the top and require some efurbishment.
During the bore hole testing the concrete tank will be filled to see if it leaks so we can then decide the best way to proceed to make use of the tank but if this is not possible the concrete tank will be used as a base and a large plastic tank stood on top. We hope tests can soon be carried out to determine the quantity and quality of the water. If there is sufficient water it can be used by the Centre, hospital and community.

The newly enlarged hall is being rented out for weddings, meetings and parties by the local people and groups from the region; this has also increased the use of the rest house as some people stay overnight. On Easter Sunday there was a service at St. Francis Church that was attended by people from all over Tanga region they used the hall and brought with them gifts of food for the centre.

The trust needs your support to keep the centre open and pay for the children’s health needs.
Make a donation to support a child
A place at the centre £1.25 a day
The orthopaedic team visit £7.00 per child
Prosthesis for a child £52.00
The average price of an operation £150.00
Send a cheque to KMDCT 36 Beel Close, Little Chalfont. Bucks HP7 9 NS
Bank transfer Barclays bank, sort code: 20-91-79 account: 03854272
Through the web site

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