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Friday, December 03, 2021


 October 2015
Lesley Wright
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October 2015

The re furbished boys toilets have tiled walls and polished concrete floors making them easy to clean.   Waste water from the showers and laundry is now piped into a separate tank at the back of the building and hear Patrick is operating the pump to use the water on vegetables. The enlarged area and use of grey water will ensure the children have green vegetables with their main meal every day.  Mango, orange and papaya trees have also been planted.  Changes in the weather pattern is causing problems as it becomes more difficult to plan when to plant crops if water for  irrigation is not available.

During August a drilling team from Arusha went to drill for water at the shamba (farm).  They used the location suggested by the Pangani Basin Water Board and should have found water between 70 and 80 metres.  Although they drilled down to 100 metres the hole was dry with no sign of water in any of the rock drilled through.  A further survey was carried out and although water is there it is 170 metres down a depth that is too expensive to drill or pump up to the surface.  The shamba can still be used for growing food crops weather permitting but yields will vary and some years there will be little return.

Although the shamba will not provide the centre with the regular income we hoped for there is a small area of land owned by the diocese in the valley where some years ago investigations were carried out to see if water could be pumped to the hospital.  The land is overgrown and although not big enough to grow maize is sufficient to grow vegetables to sell in the village to provide the centre with an income, this option is being looked into.

The children are all preparing for end of year exams.  The school year starts in January and to progress on to the next class the children have to pass the exam or they repeat the year.  This year Adam will complete primary school, he is very bright and is going to sit the entrance exam for a church school and  although the fees are more the results are much better than the local secondary school.  Omari whose story was in the last newsletter has been accepted at the vocational college to learn carpentry.  Two girls also finish secondary school this year, one is returning home and the other has not decided what they want to do.

Why not support the trust by buying items with our name or logo printed on them: 

We have printed A4 calendars again this year the format is the same as before, each month has a picture and space to write notes for each day.

Calendars £6.00 each
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To order please send a cheque to KMDCT at 36 Beel Close, Little Chalfont, Bucks. HP7 9NS

For regular updates about the centre and the children follow us on facebook.

THANK YOU to everyone who continue to support the charity


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