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Friday, October 23, 2020


Summer 2010
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Summer 2010

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Kwa Mkono disabled children's trust during our first year. We have been able to send a quarterly grant to the hostel to pay towards staff salaries and food as well as sending additional funds to pay for repairs and we have continued to improve the facilities for the children.

Sylvester tells us he has admitted a number of children recently. Ismail who is 7 years old is one of the boys; he was burnt when a mosquito net caught fire when he was 2. He was made fun of by the other children in his home village and so has had no education, spending most of his time in his family house. At the hostel he has been enrolled at school in the pre-school class and he is learning to join in with the other children when they play after school. Unfortunately, because his accident happened so long ago, we don't know if anything can be done now to help him become more mobile or to reduce the scarring. He has lost the use of his left arm and leg.

The Land Rover has been repaired and is back on the road; we hope that now it has a new gear box, drive shaft and axle it will keep going for some time. Unfortunately, keeping the Land Rover on the road is going to be a constant problem because of its age and the poor roads, but it is very important that the hostel has a vehicle to collect food and firewood, and take the children to their home's for the holidays, as many of the children cannot get on to the buses.

All the children now have a mosquito net fixed above their beds so that at night they can let them down; this should stop them getting bitten by malaria carrying flies while they are asleep. The nets are good quality and have been treated with insecticide so should last a number of years. Sylvester has said the nets will be taken clown and soaked regularly in insecticide to ensure they remain effective in reducing the cases of malaria.

Solar lighting has now been completed in all areas used by the children. As you can see, when the wiring was done in the mini class we were able to include a power point to run a music centre or small television. This has been much appreciated by both staff and children, especially as it was completed just before the world cup started so everyone has been watching and cheering on the African teams. Refurbishment of the hostel dormitories has continued; they all now have their new roofs and have been decorated inside making them much brighter for the children.

The school holidays started at the end of June; most of the children have been able to return to their homes to spend time with their parents, but there are 6 children who are unable to go home because they have been abandoned due to their disabilities or they are orphans and so they will remain at the hostel.

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