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Friday, September 25, 2020


Autumn 2014
Lesley Wright
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Autumn 2014

Lesley and Keith have recently returned from their visit to the KwaMkono Disabled Children’s Centre in Tanzania. They report that the centre is continuing to work towards growing its own food. The chickens are increasing in number with both chickens and eggs being sold regularly as well as being used once a week as part of the children’s meal. Vegetables are also being grown this year for the first time and the children help with the watering, it is hoped that they will use recycled water in future and have fresh green vegetables all year round. The shamba (farm) has again produced a reasonable harvest giving the centre enough maize to last into the New Year. With their own tractor next year more of the shamba can be cleared and planted. The centre is now being helped by an agricultural advisor who is going to suggest the crops to plant and how to rotate them to maximise the productivity of the shamba. During their visit Keith and Lesley also met with the local government water authority and were able to get them to agree to help and advice on the borehole at the shamba. The next stage is to have a test hole drilled to confirm that water is present in sufficient quantity and quality to make proceeding with a borehole economically viable. The projected cost of the project is £30,000 to drill, provide the pump, storage tank, house and fence for security. So far we have about £8,000 towards the cost.

There are 43 children at the centre; they are all doing well at school. The time spent in the evening doing prep is giving them the confidence to take a more active part in class. 7 children in the top primary class have taken the entrance exam for secondary school, we hope they are successful and can join the 4 students already at secondary school. All lessons in secondary schools are taught in English so the students try to speak English while they do their prep the staff who speak English also help by encouraging them. Saturday morning is when the children do the cleaning and washing as well as their cloths and sheets the hand carts are given a polish. The girls are very good they all get buckets and bowls and do their tasks without being constantly chased up by the staff. The boys unfortunately are not as good and the male staff have to chase them up to get them to do their cleaning tasks; training for football or a game with friends from the village is their preferred activity.

Omari is 22 just after starting school he fell from a tree injuring the muscles in his legs and abdomen. When he came to the centre he had missed several years of education and had to start again in primary school. He now has one more year at secondary school where he is finding it hard although he is getting good results. He has decided he will learn carpentry therfore after school he goes to the carpentry workshop and is making stools and tables. When he has completed school he would like to go to Sindeni vocational college in the next village where he can complete his training and get a qualification in carpentry. He will then return to his home village where he says he will be able to earn money to look after his mother and 2 younger siblings. The trust will try to find a sponsor to pay for the vocational college so he is able to start his course January 2016.

At the centre the renovation and repairing of the buildings continues and during the year the girls dormitory and toilets have been completed. The rest house has been finished and is being used by visitors to the village, the house is booked by several people in November, the extra income is important as the government have increased the minimum wage so the centre needs as many paying visitors as possible. The boys dormitory is being refurbished now, the windows are being made larger and then they will be decorated inside and out. The trust hope to have the laundry areas rebuilt and redesigned and the used water collected so it can be used on the vegetables. The boys toilets also need updating and it is planned to do the work during the school holidays next August.

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