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Friday, December 03, 2021


Spring 2014
Lesley Wright
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Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Thank you to Polio Children, Salomé White, the CSP Sisters and all who have been fund raising or have sent donations towards buying the centre a tractor, trailer and plough and to Wilbert Paul, who was helped by the centre while at school before going to university, he spent a week going round Dar Es Salaam’s tractor sales yards to negotiate a good deal for the tractor and plough. Wilbert  returned when we had raised the funds to complete the sale and make sure the tractor was made ready to be transported.  Delivery to the village was going to be very expensive so he found a lorry taking tractors to Arusha which had space just large enough for our tractor and plough and for a fee would deliver it to his home at Hale approximately 2 hours from Kwa Mkono.  On the way he rode home in the lorry to save on bus fares.  Once they got to Hale he found two friends to drive the tractor to the centre a journey that would take most of a day as the top speed is much slower than a car.  Nasoro also grew up at the centre and now works there as the carpenter, he spoke to his friends and found a good second hand trailer and arranged for it to be painted red to match the tractor.   Unfortunatly it took time to get everything to Kwa Mkono so it arrived too late to be used to prepare the shamba for planting but will be used to collect the harvest.  The staff are pleased with the tractor as next year they will not have to hand plant the maize.   Rains have been good and the maize is growing well unfortunately so are the weeds, the staff have gone through the field to remove them by hand.  We are told that the harvest will be better than last year.  If we can get a water supply at the shamba the centre will be able to get 2 harvests a year.


The children who went to CCBRT last year have been back to have their prosthesis checked.  Ismail has grown so needed to have his artificial leg replaced.   Nasra also needed her artificial legs adjusted and repaired, she has only been walking for a year and her muscles are still adjusting to being used.    Awadhi the other boy who had his deformed legs amputated at the end of 2013 has just return from hospital with his legs and although he is able to walk he is still using crutches but he is getting quicker.  He will soon be able to go to school with his `new legs.


St. Francis hospital’s new theatre is being used regularly for minor operations and the number of villagers that come to the clinics is increasing, although with only one doctor it limits what can be done.   They have received a gift of money from the UK and are using it to put in water harvesting, a covered walk ways to the theatre and to refurbish one of the wards.  Work has started and we are told it is all progressing although the hospital staff had hoped it would have been completed by now.


All the children did well in the end of year exams in November and December the extra time they have been spending after their evening meal doing home work and then a task set by the staff, this can be colouring or looking at picture books and naming what they see for those who are just starting school to having a discussion on a set topic for those in secondary school.  The teachers say the children are now taking a full part in class answering questions and joining in with the others.   The school holidays start in 2 weeks time so the children will be going home for a month.  12 of the students will remain at the centre as they are preparing for the national exams which they have to pass if they are to continue at school.   


If you are running an event and would like to support us we can send some information leaflets and pictures for a display, please get in touch.


To support the work of the trust send us a donation, or go to My donate and send money through them.  We also have Gift aid forms available if you pay tax.


Our address. KwaMkono disabled Children’s Trust, 36 Beel Close, Little Chalfont, Bucks. HP7 9NS.



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