Kwa Mkono Disabled Children's Trust

Supporting the Kwa Mkono Polio Hostel in Tanzania

Wednesday, June 29, 2022


While visiting in the parish of Kwa Mkono where she was working in the small hospital, Sister Magdalene CSP noticed a number of children disabled as a result of polio. In 1966 she contacted the Red Cross in Tanga, and three children were sent to the regional hospital for surgery to straighten their limbs before being taught to walk.

In the following few years other children were given appropriate treatment  and accommodated at Kwa Mkono hospital while learning to walk. They were also able to attend the local school next to the hospital but soon there were too many to be housed in this way.

A hostel was built where the children could live during term time. For the next 25 years the Sisters, with the help of  missionary doctors, ran the hostel helping the young people to overcome the effects of the disease, and ensuring the children had an education and were taught a trade so when they returned to their village they could earn a living.

When the last of the CSP Sister returned to England, Peter Rajabu was appointed administrator. He continued the work of the hostel until his retirement in 2006. Sylvester Chang'endo is the current administrator.

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