Kwa Mkono Disabled Children's Trust

Supporting the Kwa Mkono Polio Hostel in Tanzania

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Education & Training

Children start school between 8 and 10 years old, because in rural Tanzania they often have to walk up to 10 miles to get there. Kwamkono school is only a short distance from the hostel. All the children go to school for the 7 years of primary education; those who pass the exams and can get a sponsor, or who's parents can afford to pay approximately sixty pounds a year, go onto secondary school. About four hundred pounds a year pays for a college place for those who do well.

Every year we sponsor a number of children at secondary school and one or two who go on to college. In the past children from the hostel have become accountants, teachers and one man now works for the government. The children who do not continue in education are trained as tailors or carpenters and now will be learning how to use a computer. All the residents help with the poultry project that provides both food and income for the hostel. A shop has also been started selling the things that have been made as well as a range of basic food items this is a benefit to the village as well as the hostel.

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